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The Industry's Only Full Width Landfill Compactor

The CMI TrashMaster® achieves full width compaction utilising all four wheel paths in a single pass. All other landfill compactors based on old fashioned style tractors leave an uncompacted center line swathe between the two wheel paths resulting in increased passes, fuel consumption and reduced machine life.

The CMI TrashMaster series is built on the proven legacy first developed through Rexworks and now further enhanced in the latest range of models. Its unique wheel configuration, market leading compaction force, robust design and reliability have enabled waste management operations to achieve the highest production efficiencies and maximise the life span of landfill sites.

All aspects of the TrashMaster’s design are focused on maximum productivity. From its ease of maintenance through to the heavy duty mainframe, wheel and dozer blade design, unrivalled all-round visibility and operator ergonomics built into the operator cab, the TrashMaster is built for work day after day in the most demanding operating conditions.

  • Unique wheel arrangement resulting in the industry's only full width landfill compactor
  • Highest compaction forces in the industry to maximize landfill material density
  • Masterline wheels and cleats with a 4 year or 10,000 hour warranty
  • Side facing seat for operator comfort can also swivel to front facing depending on operator preference
    for excellent visibility forward or reverse.

Trashmaster® TM-5 /TM-8

Designed for medium and smaller municipal landfill operations, the CMI Trashmaster® TM-5 /TM-8 has features designed to maximize material density and lengthen landfill life.

Paramount to any landfill operation, compactor availability is necessary to effectively spread and compact material each and every day. The CMI TM-5 / TM-8 utilizes simple, easy to understand systems with unmatched maintenance crew access.

Trashmaster® TM-11

Landfill life and profitability comes down to density of the fill material and how efficiently the material is placed and compacted. The very high performance of the TM-11 is designed for arduous duty in today’s high volume landfill operations.

The semi-U shaped blade ‘funnels’ most materials to the center, then beneath the blade and four independently powered, hydrostatically driven steel cleated wheels of the TM-11.


Full Width Compaction In A Single Pass

In a typical operation old fashioned style tractors, frequently plagued by the uncompacted ‘windrow’ of materials between the only two wheel paths, risk high centering of the machine, losing traction and getting bogged down in the uncompacted soil. This presents a significant operational limit to the machine. To address this limitation, makers of the old-style tractors fit the machine with wider high flotation wheels attempting to strike a balance between the reduction of compaction force produced by wider wheels and the risk of getting stuck.

The TrashMaster’s close, inset front wheels compacts the center line swathe, greatly reducing the risk of getting high centered. This full width compaction, combined with high distributed load (measured in pounds per linear inch or PLI), means that the TrashMaster achieves the most efficient compaction in a single pass of any landfill compactor.

Unique four wheel configuration for effective full width compaction.

Old-style Tractors

Highest Compaction Forces In The Industry

CMI TrashMaster Masterline extended wear wheels and cleats come with a 4 year or 10,000 hour warranty as standard. The cleat contour design delivers the crushing force needed to penetrate and break down refuse with a crisp “chopping” action, which reduces refuse size and eliminates surface“fluffing”. Cleats are mounted in a chevron pattern that discourages build-up and eliminates the need for power sapping raker bars. The TrashMaster wheels have a large diameter, providing greater pushing power with less rolling resistance than competitors’ smaller diameter wheels.

wheels and cleats

CMI TrashMaster self cleaning cleats are mounted in a chevron pattern across the width of the wheel, facing the direction of rotation, for maximum crushing force and minimal gaps across the compaction path. Competitors’ have to rotate the cleats 90 degrees to allow space for raker bars to fit in between which results in gaps across the width of the wheel compaction path reducing the effective crushing force.

wheels diags

Compaction Force

Compaction is as much about how a machine applies force – Distributed Load measured in pounds per linear inch or PLI (N/m) – as how much the machine weighs.

PLI is calculated by dividing total machine mass in pounds (Newtons) by the combined effective width of all four wheels in a single pass, in inches (meters). Generally speaking, the higher the PLI (N/m), the more material will be compacted in the same space, resulting in a greater density and improved productivity.

Distributed Load (PLI) 417 lb/in (72,970 N/m) 606 lb/in (106,138 N/m) 733 lb/in (128,426 N/m)


Efficient Cooling System

High ambient cooling designed for operation in a wide range of climates worldwide with automatic reversing fan to dislodge dirt and debris. Large easy access doors on both sides of radiator/ cooler shrouding.

Control System

TM-11 features a 7” overhead display containing engine and machine info along with onboard diagnostics for user-friendly troubleshooting. Smart power module with fuse protection that shows fuse and relay status on the display. For maintenance purposes the umbilical remote control can also operate machine from the ground.

Powerful Lights

High quality long-life LED lights fitted high up front and rear as standard for excellent working visibility and protective guards fitted to front.

All-Around Safety Cameras

Industry leading Masterview safety camera system uses 4 full color cameras which combine to provide a look down 360º wraparound view of the machine, or split screened with one of the camera feeds.

High Mounted Hydraulics

Steering and blade cylinders and associated hoses are mounted high on the machine providing protection from debris.


Designed with reversible cutting edge and semi U-configuration profile. Heat treated moldboard.

trashmaster features diag

High Visibility Cab

Enhanced ergonomically designed air conditioned cab has the operator in mind with a fully adjustable side or front facing high back air ride seat. Joysticks control steering, blade functions, propel direction and travel speed removing all foot pedals from the cabin. Interior includes a USB charge port, 12v outlet and AM/FM radio.

Hydraulic Actuated Belly Pan

Two heavy duty reinforced steel belly pans swing down allowing easy access underneath and secured by a positive pin lock system.

High Compaction Wheel Design

Masterline extended wear wheels and cleats with 4 year or 10,000 hour warranty. Cleats are designed to produce a crisp “chopping” action, which reduces refuse size and eliminates surface “fluffing”. Cleats are mounted in chevron pattern that discourages build-up and eliminates the need for power sapping raker bars. Optional tip patterns available.

Heavy Duty Drivetrain

The hydrostatic drivetrain on the TM-11 provides fully balanced drive torque to each wheel through a central hydraulic pump station.

Easy Access Tilting Hood

Hydraulic opening engine enclosure with vandal-proof locking protection, allows easy access to all service points including the cooling package.

features high visibility cab 1

High Visibility Cab

All-around high visibility enhanced with the Masterview safety camera system showing 360º wrap-around view of the machine. Cab is air conditioned, sound suppressed and isolated mounts reduce vibration for operator comfort. AM/FM Radio fitted as standard.


features operator cabin

Operator Controls

Comfortable, fully adjustable, high back, air ride seat with ergonomic swivel seat base which allows either side facing or front facing operation. Joystick controls are designed for common sense, ergonomic operation in side, or forward-facing mode of operation automatically.

features powerful powerplant

Powerful Powerplant

Cummins Tier 4 Final / EU Stage 5 powerpack with real-time monitoring system
(Tier 3 options available). Easy to use touch point monitors and alerts for engine oil pressure, charging system, fuel, hydraulic oil levels, transmission, and steering functions.

features easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Easy access for maintenance of engine oil fill and check, sight gauges, grease fittings, air box, etc. Hoses and wires are installed to the cab in a manner that allows simple rolling forward of the cab for engine bay service access by hooking a chain to the blade and lowering the blade.

features heavy duty wheels

Heavy Duty Wheels

Masterline extended wear wheels and cleats with 4 year or 10,000 hour warranty. Removable inspection plates provide the means to maintain wheels and clear debris build-up directly at site without removing the wheels.

features wire wrap protection

Wire-Wrap Protection

The design of the wheel weldments, combined with wire traps on the machine mainframe effectively seal the inner wheel drum cavity to prevent entry of wire wrap and refuse. Fender design eliminates the need for cleaner bars.

Standard Equipment

Masterview 360o all-around safety camera system
High-intensity LED lights (forward and rearward)
Masterline extended wear wheels & cleats
Fully adjustable high back, air ride swivel seat allows side facing or front facing operation
Air conditioning
AM/FM radio
USB charge port & 12v outlet
Removable hand rails


Extended service warranty
GPS landfill management software


    Units   TM-5 TM-8 TM-11
Engine   Cummins QSB 6.7 Diesel Cummins QSK-15 Diesel
Tier IV Final
Cummins QSK-19 Diesel
Tier IV Final
Power output hp 300 400 550
kW 224 298 410
Distributed Load (PLI) lb / in 417 606 733
N/m 72,970 106,138 128,426
Compaction width ft / in 10' 11' 13' 8"
mm 3048 3352 4166
Inside turning radius ft / in 13' 2" 12' 10" 12' 4"
mm 4013 3912 3759
Outside turning radius ft / in 23' 1" 23' 6" 26'
mm 7036 7163 7925
Blade raised above grade in 43" 40" 48"
mm 1092 1016 1219
Blade lowered above grade in 5" 6" 6"
mm 127 152 152
Ground clearance in 22" 20" 28"
mm 559 508 711
Wheel width front/rear in 30" / 36" 30" / 36" 35" / 40"
mm 762 / 914 762 / 914 889 / 1016
Wheel Diameter in 76.5" 76.5" 85"
mm 1943 1943 2159
Shipping height ft / ins 12' 11" 12' 13' 2½"
mm 3937 3658 4026
Shipping width over guardrails ft / ins 12' 3" 10' 10" 11' 10"
mm 3730 3291 3586
Shipping length ft / ins 24' 6" 23' 8" 25' 10"
mm 7468 7207 7874
Shipping weight lbs 55,000 80,000 110,000
kg 24,950 36,300 49,895

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