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Raider 4

Unitized Concrete Plant

The CMI Raider 4 is a concrete batching and mixing specialty plant that combines all of the quality control advantages of central-mix, the economy of complete factory assembly and the convenience of mobility in a single unit.

The 4.5 yd³/hr (3.4cm³/hr) batch size offers quality concrete in quantities sufficient for medium sized construction projects, wet precast or ready-mix operations.

Low power requirements allow use of line power or a generator set.


  • High mobility
  • Steel mat or concrete foundations
  • No crane required for basic set-up
  • 120 yd³ (91m³) hourly capacity
  • Cement system is adaptable to storage silo or bag feed
  • Electronic pulse water meter
  • End-loader or conveyor aggregate charging
  • Low profile plant design
  • Adaptable for ready-mix operations


production rate ¹ yd³ / hr up to 120
m³ / hr up to 91.7
storage capacity
aggregate (standard)   yd³ 27
aggregate (optional)   yd³ 67
cement Available in bag, bulk or portable silo
non-tilt mixer
capacity yd³ 4.5
mixer drives x 2 TEFC hp 40
kW 29.8
batcher rated capacity
aggregate yd³ 4.5
cement yd³ 4.5
cement screw feeder
cement screw conveyor diameter ft / ins 9”
mm 229
cement bag breaker ft³ 6
aggregate transport conveyor
belt width ft / ins 30
mm 762
belt drive (tefc) hp 15
kW 29.8
air compressor
air receiver gal 120
L 454
compressor drive TEFC hp 10
kW 7.46
water system
water meter (electronic pulse) dia ft / ins 3”
mm 76
capacity gal / min 360
L / min 1.362
water pump hp 7.5
kW 5.6
transport dimensions
travel length with 27 yd³ (20,640MM) BIN ft / ins 34’ 5”
mm 10490
travel length with 67yd³ (51,200MM) BIN ft / ins 33’ 8”
mm 10260
travel width ft / ins 11’
mm 3350
travel height ft / ins 13’ 6”
mm 4110
travel weight (approx) with 27 yd³ (20,640MM) BIN at kingpin lb 17,000
kg 7,711
travel weight (approx) with 27 yd³ (20,640MM) BIN at axle lb 17,500
kg 7,938
travel weight (approx) with 67yd³ (51,200MM) BIN at kingpin lb 17,000
kg 7,711
travel weight (approx) with 67yd³ (51,200MM) BIN at axle lb 18,000
kg 8,165

¹ Based on a 4.5yd³ (3.4m³) batch, 60 second mix time and 3" (76mm) slump.

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