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Outlaw 12

Concrete Batch Plants

The CMI Outlaw 12 is available in many different concrete batch plant arrangements, each designed to suit all site production requirements.

The sectionalized design allows for any desired aggregate bin and cement silo orientation, with an assortment of batch transfer belts in a low profile configuration.

The Outlaw 12 can be built as a transit or central mix plant.

Dual lanes and multiple mixer combinations are also available to meet all production requirements.

Each sectionalized unit is factory-fitted to the adjoining unit with installed wiring and plumbing.


  • Ready mixed markets (transit-mixed and central-mixed)
  • Products plants
  • Special Projects—Hydroelectric


  • Low profile configuration
  • Sectionalized design
  • Unlimited storage size
  • Adaptable to both transit and central mix production
  • Dual load out lanes available
  • Extensive material compartments
  • Can be designed to meet the needs of almost any application
  • Pre-wired and tested
  • 300yd³ (230m³) hourly capacity
  • Aggregate gates do not require lubrication
  • True gears used to synchronize gates
  • Replaceable pivot pins and gates make for easy maintenance and repairs
  • Structured members are on the outside of aggregate bins, which reduces build-up inside of bins
  • Air panel with centralized connection for each modular section


production rate yd³ / hr up to 300
m³ / hr up to 229
storage capacity
aggregate (single bin) volume   yd³ up to 520
up to 398
aggregate (single bin) weight ton 700
m. ton 635
cement single bin) volume ft³ 12,000
cement (single bin) weight ton 564
m. ton 512
batcher rated capacity
aggregate yd³ 12
cement yd³ 12
aggregate transport conveyor
belt width ft / ins 48”
mm 1219
air compressor
air receiver gal up to 120
L up to 454
compressor drive As required
water system
water meter (electronic pulse) dia ft / ins up to 4”
mm up to 101.6
capacity gal / min up to 800
L / min 3028
central mix
mixer(s) Tilt Drum, Pan, Turbine or Twin Shaft

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