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Autopave SF-2

Variable Width SlipForm Paver

The CMI SF-2 paver is designed to be the most versatile and productive concrete slipform paver on the market, featuring a unique dual telescoping main frame and variable width paving mold it easily adapts to changing widths from site to site for maximum cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

The SF-2 paver is the only paver in the industry which features a unique two piece hydraulically operated dual telescoping main frame and paving mold, (left and right) which can extend from 8 ft 3 in to 16 ft 5 in (2.50 m to 5.00 m) wide without the need for frame or mold inserts, making transport between multiple job sites possible in a single day.

For larger paving projects the main frame can fully expand to accomodate additional bolt in mold inserts and hydraulic vibrators to extend the paving width up to 20 ft (6.00 m) wide in under an hour, without any additional frame extensions.

While the optional modular off-set paving mold system can expand its capability even further by attaching to either side of the machine for curb and gutter, median barrier or parapet wall molds and is hydraulically adjustable for rapid form changes.


The unique CMI SF-2 hydraulic telescoping frame and paving mold design is particularly useful when the paver has to change paving width many times during the course of a project or on a daily basis.

To minimise the time to adjust paving widths, the SF-2 also features quick release mounts for rapid inserting or removing of the hydraulic vibrator and mount assemblies as required.

The whole operation can be carried out safely from the operators platform and ground level. No crane, lifting or jacking devices are necessary for any width change of the paver.

Varying paving widths can be achieved yet still maintaining a crown in the centre line of the slab, if required. The plow assembly and pan finisher also adjust to width changes automatically as the frame extends.

hydraulic telescoping frame diag


Four parallelogram swing leg arms and hydraulic power steering with crab co-ordinated front and rear steer gift the SF-2 with superior maneuverability. The leg mounts can also be vertically relocated on the leg to accommodate different ground level conditions if necessary.

The fully adjustable sensor jacks also provide automatic grade and steer control to follow a stringline or to follow a previously laid slab or profile if preferred.

swing and steer arms diag


Air compressor

Onboard air compressor and reservoir suitable for air operated tools.

high pressure washer

When finished paving, an onboard 2000 psi (138 bars) high pressure wash-down system makes for fast machine clean up.

LED lighting

Powerful LED lighting on front and rear for night time operations.

operating platform

Excellent all round operator visibility with fold down canopy.

control system

User friendly CAN-BUS control system monitors all electronic systems on paver with hydraulic gauges to monitor prime circuits with vandal proof lockable cover.

water storage

Additional 99 gal (375 L) water capacity in sides of main frame end cars.

swing & steer arms

Hydraulic swing legs enable optimum trackline location and each track has hydraulic power steering with crab co-ordinated front and rear steer for superior maneuverability.

mold release oil reservoir

Conveniently located and aids cleanup at end of the working day using lance and hose. 

sf 2 slipform paver diag

tractive system

Two-speed motor/gearbox drives on each of the 4 tracks receives power through a “closed loop” hydraulic circuit including a “posi-trac” system equalizing power at each track drive, supplies a travel speed upto 90 ft/min (24 m/min).

variable width paving mold

Infinitely variable paving width from 8 ft 3 in to 20 ft (2.5 - 6m). Features full crowning ability, quick fix vibrator mounting system and 2 x 105 gal (400 L) additional water storage reservoirs in the paving mold tanks.


Efficient Perkins 173 hp (129 kW) Tier 4 Final / Stage 3B turbo-charged, charge air cooled diesel engine with low noise and vibration levels.

sensor mounting arms

Swing-away sensor mounting arms and preset operator reference points aid fast set up for paving and speedy reconfiguration for transport.

pan finisher

Hydraulic variable speed drive, automatically changes angle of attack of finishing pan at end of each pass across slab. Automatically extends & retracts with paving main.

proportional sensors

The SF-2 maintains precise control of elevation and steering through the ultra-accurate proportional sensors control system for stability and smooth paving performance.


quick mount vibrators

Using a unique mounting system, vibrators can be easily added or removed in just 10 minutes, minimizing delay during width adjustments.

control system

User friendly CAN-BUS control system with plug-and-play 3D wireless capability. Monitors all electronic systems such as off stringline warning and locks hydraulic grade & steer systems.

plow assembly

Hydraulically driven plow, variable speed with manual depth control, adjusts automatically with telescoping mainframe width.

remote control

Repositional remote control with magnetic backing provides external operator controls of mold hydraulic side plates.



The SF-2 can be further adapted by attaching the modular off-set paving mold system to either side of the machine for curb and gutter, median barrier or parapet wall molds and is hydraulically adjustable for rapid form changes. In addition, the SF-2 can also be fitted with either one or two covnveyor systems to feed concrete to the off-set paving mold depending on the set up of the job site.

The high speed inclined conveyor receives concrete from the truck mixer and transfers the materials onto a cross feeder conveyor, which in turn feeds the materials left or right depending on which side the paving mold is on the paver. Both conveyors are variable speed and reversible which is particularly useful where live highways are being paved and a minimum working width is required.

curved curb and cutter 1

expandable paving mold system


Optional Equipment

1 or 2 conveyor belts or augers for off-set paving
Side-mounted mold system for curb and gutter/water channels
Hydraulic expandable paving mold system
Median barrier and parapet wall molds
Rotary or pan finisher
3D control system


Chassis and Drive System
Hydraulically extending of the frame both sides by up to 6 ft (1.8 m) allows paving from 8 ft 3 in to 20 ft (2.5 m - 6.0 m)
Perkins 176 hp (131 kW) Tier 4 Final / Stage 3B turbo-charged and charge air cooled diesel engine
fuel tank
79 gal (300 L) capacity fuel tank with level gauge & lockable filler cap 
water system
99 gal (375 L) water tank with high pressure water / wash system with
hose and nozzle 
4 hydraulically actuated square to round leg columns 
4 x 5 ft  3 in (1.6 m) long and 14 in (356 mm) wide steel tracks with polyurethane track pads
Co-ordinated and crab steering, 35o left or right of centre
Hydrostatic drive from engine mounted variable displacement pump to track frame mounted motors and gearboxes
Operating Speed
0 - 22 ft/min (0 - 6.7 m/min)
Travel Speed
0 - 90 ft/min (0 - 24 m/min)
Paving Kit
Variable width, telescoping sub frame, adjusts with mainframe width changes, variable speed and manual hydraulic depth control
Hydraulically adjustable tandem mold with built in water ballast storage of
105 gal (400 L) per tank
15 hydraulically driven with quick mount
Vibrator Flow Control
Individual variable control from operator's platform
Pan Finisher
Variable width, telescoping sub frame, adjusts with mainframe width changes
Modes: Manual or automatic
Adjustments: Transverse speed control, smoother angle,
reversing functions and pan weight reduction
Steer: 2 electronic steer sensors with steer wands
Grade: 4 electric grade proportional
sensors with grade wands
Slope: Electric proportional slope control
Manual: Elevation control switch mounted at operator's panel
provides manual control of leg extension
Width: 8 ft 3 in to 20 ft (2.5 m - 6.0 m)
depth: Up to 15 3/4" (400 mm)
Shipping Dimensions and Weights
Height: 10 ft 2 in (3.1 m)
Length: 23 ft 11 in (7.3 m)
Width: 8 ft 6 in (2.6 m)
Weight: 26.1 t (24 mt)

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SF-2 Slipform Concrete Paver
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