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Autograde™ TR-6

Dual Lane Trimmer

Dual lane trimming in a single pass from a 20ft (6100mm) to 28ft (8500mm) standard with optional cutter widths to 32ft (9750mm).

Hydrostatic driven rotary cutter auger and spreader auger assemblies and moldboards that are fully adjustable for crowning.

Cost saving features include swing-leg assembly for variable operating width and track-line location. Transport position permits self-propelled transport loading.

CMI exclusive Hydra-Mation automatic grade control system delivers legendary grade accuracy.


  • Dual-lane trimming in a single pass from 20 ft to 28 ft (6.1 m to 8.5 m) standard. Optional widths to 32 ft (9.75 m)
  • Hydrostatic-driven rotary cutter auger and spreader auger assemblies adjustable for crowning
  • Single strike-off moldboard adjustable for crowning
  • Swing leg assembly for variable operating width and track-line location
  • Transport position permits self-propelled transport loading
  • Four crawler tracks individually powered by hydrostatic drive with Posi-Trac®
  • HYDRA-MATION® Automatic Grade Control System
  • Base reclaimer conveyor system


SALT (sealed and lubricated) tracks
Polyurethane track pads
Trimmer configuration to 32 ft (9754 mm)
Center wastegates—Model 16 receiving hopper attached to front of basic machine for receipt of end-dump truck delivery of aggregate-type base materials. Provides proportioning of materials for spreading. Capacity variable, 16-ft (4877 mm)-wide, hydraulic gate action. Add 9,150 lb (4,150 kg) weight.
Truck-towed windrow box for windrow proportioning of base and sub-base materials. Mounted on four 7.50 x 16–6 ply tires. 10-ft (3048 mm)-wide hopper. Proportions from 6 ft3 (.17 m3) per linear foot to 16 ft3 (.45 m3) per linear foot. Weighs 3,610 lb (1,637 kg). Works with any standard rear dump truck.
Cross Slope System (to 28 ft [8534 mm] only)—an electronic attachment which allows for elevation control on off-stringline side. Operator dial control through transitions.
Stringline kits—Grade Ski, Elevation Control provides capability of referencing from established grade or existing slab. Includes elevation sensor supports, steering pivot bars and grade skis.


  Units TR-6
operating DIMENSIONS
length ft / ins 32’ 3”
mm 9830
WIDTH ft / ins 28’ each side
mm 8534
HEIGHT ft / ins 14’ 6”
mm 4420
transport DIMENSIONS
length ft / ins 50’ 6”
mm 15392
WIDTH ft / ins 10’ 2”
mm 3099
HEIGHT ft / ins 10’ 9”
mm 3277
tractor lbs 75,000
kgs 34,019
trimmer attachment lbs 44,000
kgs 16,367
base reclaimer lbs 7,320
kgs 3,946
total assembly lbs 126,320
kgs 55,564
MODEL   Caterpillar Diesel
POWER @ 2,200 rpm hp 425
kW 317
capacity in³ 893
L 14.6
trimming WIDTH ft / ins 28’
mm 8534
moldboard assembly
length ft / ins 28’
mm 8534
height ft / ins 42’
mm 1067
operating SPEED RANGE ft/min 0 - 30
m/min 0 - 9
m/min 0 - 18
fuel tank gal 177
L 670
HYDRAULIC oil tank gal 70
L 265
replenishing hydraulic reservoir gal 10
L 37.85
engine coolant gal 22
L 83
aux water supply gal 200
L 757.07

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