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Soil Compactors

Available in three sizes, the RexPactor™ is a high speed soil and embankment compactor with features that can deliver the high quality soil substructure qualities necessary for long lasting structures sought after by todays infrastructure designers.

Crucial to the stability and longevity of roadway, pipeline and other soil embankments is the proper preparation of the subgrade level of the structure. CMI RexPactors are an important tool to civil and energy infrastructure builders around the world to ensure the high performance of these structures.

Today’s surface transportation infrastructure, designed and largely built decades ago, is carrying volumes of traffic and carrying weights that weren’t necessarily anticipated in those times. With population and economic growth, truck traffic will continue to grow with cargo weights ever increasing along with the number of passenger vehicle miles traveled. These unrelenting pressures will exert ever higher forces on both concrete and asphalt roadway surfaces.

Roadway surface failure analysis reveals that a vast majority of failures such as cracking, pavement rutting and ‘pot-holes’ actually originates from the sub-structure. A key step in ensuring that the sub-structure can retain the proper strength to support the roadway pavement structure, as well as the designed traffic load, is properly compacting the load bearing soil lying beneath.

The solution to achieving high density and uniformly compacted soils is the CMI RexPactor™, the industry’s only full width soil compactor utilising all four wheel paths in a single pass. All other soil compactors based on old fashioned style tractors leave an uncompacted center-line swathe between the two wheel paths resulting in increased passes, fuel consumption & reduced machine life, while also making them unusable in confined areas such as trench pipelines.

  • Unique wheel arrangements resulting in the industry's only full width soil compactor
  • Exclusive open ring design; self cleaning wheels compact from the bottom up
  • Side facing seat for operator comfort and excellent visibility in forwards or reverse
  • Purpose built high speed soil and embankment compactor for infrastructure projects


Open Ring Wheels

The CMI RexPactor™, which achieves very high and uniform densities through ‘bottom-up’ compaction, is fitted with unique ‘open-ring’ high strength fabricated steel wheels. Bottom-up compaction is achieved by forcing the wheel rings to sink into the soil under the machine’s static weight.

Forcing the compaction pad-foot deeply into the soil lift to the point of refusal, avoids the false refusal or flotation that would otherwise occur with other drum style or closed-ring wheel designs.

rexpactor wheels diags

Full Width Compaction

In a typical operation, old fashioned style tractors, frequently plagued by the uncompacted ‘windrow’ of materials between the only two wheel paths, risk high centering of the machine, losing traction and getting bogged down in the uncompacted soil. This presents a significant operational limit to the machine. To address this limitation, makers of the old-style tractors fit the machine with wider high flotation wheels attempting to strike a balance between the reduction of compaction force produced by wider wheels and the risk of getting stuck in the soil.

The RexPactor’s close, inset front wheels compacts the center line swathe of soil, greatly reducing the risk of getting high centered. This full width compaction, combined with high distributed load (measured in pounds per linear inch or PLI), means that the RexPactor achieves the most efficient compaction in a single pass of any soil compactor.

Unique four wheel configuration for effective full width compaction.

Old-style Tractors


Air conditioning
Open ROPS operator’s station
Four high-intensity lamps (two forward and two rearward)
Extended service warranty
Removable hand rails
Tilt blade
AM/FM Radio
CMI telemetrics
Vandal guards
ARM cutting edges and bolt-on extensions
ARM on raker bars and ground engaging pads


    Units   SP-3 SP-5 SP-8
Engine   Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final Diesel Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final Diesel Cummins QSL 9 Tier 4 Final Diesel
Power output hp 225 300 380
kW 168 224 283
Distributed Load lb / in 463 521 570
N/m 81,156 91,212 99,877
Compaction width ft / in 9' 9" 10' 1" 12'
mm 2,972 3,073 3,658
Inside turning radius ft / in 14' 4" 13' 2" 13' 6"
mm 4,369 4,013 4,110
Outside turning radius ft / in 24' 6" 23' 1" 25' 6"
mm 7,468 7,036 7,470
Blade raised above grade in 34" 43" 40"
mm 864 1,092 1,016
Blade lowered above grade in 6" 6" 6"
mm 152 152 152
Ground clearance in 18¾" 20" 20"
mm 476 508 508
Wheel width front/rear in 17" / 24" 20" / 28" 28" / 36"
mm 432 / 610 508 / 711 711 / 914
No. wheel rings front/rear   3 / 4 3 / 4 4 / 5
Pad width in 3" 4" 4"
mm 76 102 102
Wheel diameter in 60" 74" 74"
mm 1,524 1,880 1,880
Shipping height ft / ins 12' 12' 10½" 12' 10½"
mm 3,602 3,924 3,924
Shipping width over guardrails ft / ins 10' 9" 10' 11" 12'
mm 3,277 3,327 3,658
Shipping length ft / ins 21' 4½" 24' 6" 27' 2"
mm 6,514 7,468 8,280
Shipping weight lbs 38,000 50,000 73,000
kg 17,235 22,680 33,112

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