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E3 Rap-Star Series

Counterflow Drum Mixers

The E3 RAP-Star series of portable and stationary counterflow drum-mixers, with capacities from 200 to 600 tons per hour, combines high productivity and high RAP capabilities due to its unique early entry RAP design.

The E3 RAP-STAR design features three heat transfer zones: convective, radiant and conductive.

The convective zone is fitted with CMI’s saw tooth flights and lifters which are made from high strength abrasion resistant steel and produce an aggregate veil tuned for optimum drying and heating of the virgin aggregate.

The radiant zone is located around the burner combustion area where stainless steel aperture plates and lifters transfer heat to the outer RAP shell at approximately 700˚F.

The conductive zone which incorporates the early entry RAP outer shell and final mixing section provides the third form of heat transfer.

As the heated virgin aggregate leaves the convective zone, portals in the inner shell allow a proportion of the virgin aggregate to enter the outer shell where the blending and heating of the RAP begins. The remainder of the virgin aggregate continues its passage through the inner shell via special stainless steel lifters in the combustion area which allows the aggregate to be super-heated prior to entry into the final mixing section and protects the burner flame from the aggregate in transit.

The E3 RAP-Star’s combination of early heating and blending of RAP with pre-heated virgin aggregate in the outer shell and introduction of super-heated aggregate into the final mixing section provides the ultimate in counterflow drying technology resulting in unrivalled fuel efficiency and positioning the E3 as the industry leader in low emissions.

This CMI early entry RAP design and unique material flow through the industry’s longest mixing and blending zone enables the drum to produce premium mix quality with high RAP percentages and substantial fuel savings.

  • Reduced fuel usage due to efficient heat transfer
  • Reduced cost per ton through increased RAP usage
  • Easy retro-fit to existing CMI, Cedarapids and Standard Havens drum frames
  • Fully bolted flighting for ease of maintenance
  • Easy access to the enhanced RAP mixing zone from inside or outside of drum
  • Abrasion resistant materials throughout to increase working life



Replaceable Paddles

Replaceable paddles can discharge material centrally or to either side depending on plant layout.

Heat Transfer Paddles

Radient heat transfer panels (stainless in the combustion zone) keep RAP from the direct flame while providing excellent conductive heat transfer.

RAP Entry

Cold, wet RAP is introduced into the outer shell, where it is blended with a proportion of hot aggregate and hot dust removing excess moisture before the introduction of asphalt cement (bitumen).

Inlet Spirals

Inlet spirals effectively move the cold virgin aggregate into the drying zone no matter what the slinger conveyor position.

Color denotes steel alloy construction:

Stainless Steel
T1A Steel
Mixing Zone

The mixing zone uses a castle flight design from CMI Magnum drums resulting in industry leading mixing.

Tee-Pee Flights

“Tee-Pee” flights (Stainless in the combustion zone) protect the primary drum shell from heat and allow virgin aggregate to pass along the drum.

Insulator Flights

Insulator flights (Stainless in the combustion zone) prevent aggregate veiling in the combustion zone, increasing efficiency and stopping flame impingement.

Saw Toothed Flights

Saw toothed lifting flights result in a consistent curtain of material being dried, reducing baghouse temperatures and increasing efficiency.

Material Blending

E3’s have the industry’s longest material blending zone, where RAP and virgin aggregates mix together.

Emission Control

Unburned hydrocarbons from the mixing zone are drawn into the exhaust gas stream and incinerated.

Heat Transfer

The E3 design features three heat transfer zones: convective, radiant and conductive.

Plant Upgrades

E3 drums can be easily retro-fitted to existing CMI, Cedarapids and Standard Havens drum frames. Alternatively an E3 drum upgrade will improve the efficiency and performance of other manufacturers asphalt plants.

High Rap Cabability

By feeding RAP into the outer shell and mixing it with hot, dry virgin aggregate for the length of the combustion zone, the E3 achieves enhanced RAP mixing before introduction of liquid bitumen/asphalt cement, making the E3 capable of 50%+ RAP mixes.

Consistent Veiling & Mixing

The design and configuration of the E3 flighting resulting from years of experience of CMI, Standard Havens and Cedarapids dryers & drum mixers, optimizes efficient drying and mixing whatever the material.


Trunnion (friction) drive or chain drive
Integrated patented warm mix asphalt system
Various flighting arrangements to suit location and application
Various burners available to suit local emissions criteria
Special suspensions and air-ride
Self-contained hydraulic set-up system
Can be retro-fitted to existing CMI, Cedarapids® and Standard Havens® plants


  UNITS E3-200 E3-300 E3-400 E3-500 E3-600
Output tph 200 300 400 500 600
mtph 181 272 363 454 544
MAIN Drum Diameter ft / ins 6’ 4” 7’ 4” 8’ 4” 9’ 3” 10’ 3”
mm 1930 2230 2540 2830 3124
RAP ENTRY Diameter ft / ins 9’ 4” 10’ 4” 11’ 11’ 10” 13’ 4”
mm 2845 3150 3350 3610 4064
Drum Length ft / ins 36’ 42’ 47’ 6” 47’ 6” 47’ 8”
mm 10973 12802 14480 14480 14529
DRUM Drive hp 4 x 20 4 x 25 4 x 40 4 x 50 4 x 60
kW 4 x 15 4 x 19 4 x 30 4 x 37 4 x 45
Air Volume
Total ft³ / min 32000 48000 64000 80000 96000
m³ / min 906 1359 1812 2265 2718
Burner Type - Fuel Oil Fuel Oil Fuel Oil Fuel Oil Fuel Oil
Capacity x106 BTU / hr 82 100 135 153 200

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