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CR Series

Unitized Single Chassis Parallel-Flow Drum Mixers

The CR Series drum mixer is designed to provide high-quality hot mix asphalt for lower volume production situations where cost and simplicity are paramount considerations.

A well established, high performance parallel flow drum mixer which works well in a wide range of remote locations.

Stable and easy to operate, the CMI CR Series of parallel flow drum mixers is noted for its easy maintenance schedule and reliable performance.

Available in output ranges from 65 to 175tph and with wet or dry dust collection systems, CR Series Drums use parallel gas and aggregate.


The CR series features chain drive, bolt in flighting that can be adjusted to suit local requirements, a baffle ring to maximise drying capability and adjustable slope to optimise mix retention time.

Intake hood includes inlet chute with a flop gate and calibration chute, while discharge chute is electrically heated.


Baghouse in place of wet filter
Fully automatic burner control
Triple axle portability package
Cyclone and inlet liners


  Main Drum Diameter Drum Length Production
CR-65 4ft (1219mm) 20ft (6096mm) 65tph (60mtph)
CR-125 5ft 4in (1626mm) 22ft (6706mm) 125tph (113mtph)
CR-175 6ft (1829mm) 24ft (7315mm) 175tph (159mtph)

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