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Hot Mix Storage

Portable & Relocatable

We offer an extensive range of portable and stationary hot mix storage solutions with proven anti-segregation features. With a variety of options for heating, gate style and sealing, drag slat, silo top slat and batcher configurations, these systems can store hundreds of tons of material of many different mix designs.



HMS Series

The CMI HMS range of hot mix storage silos features drag slat conveyors with shaft-mounted reducers and chromium carbide steel liners.

The silos are available in capacities of 140t, 200t, 260t and 320t and include a highly efficient drag-slat conveyor, feature 0.25in (6mm) steel cones with 0.25in (6mm) AR steel liner, dual-discharge gates with elastomer compression seals and safety gates that close if either a clam gate failure or loss of silo electricity occur.

SS Series

The modular design of the CMI Surg-Stor system allows you to specify storage facilities to fit your special environment and application while making it economical to add silos to either in-line or circular configurations up to a total of six silos.

This makes adapting storage facilities to specific production requirements and site limitations easy. Silo capacities of 200t, 250t and 300t are available and include highly efficient drag-slat conveyor, the patented Glasgow Batcher, insulated side walls, top and base, hot-oil heat on the cone, dual clamshell gate and safety/storage gate.

Portable Self Erecting

SE Series

The CMI SE series offers truly portable storage capacity from 60t - 95t. With integrated compressor, heated discharge gates and a dual chain drag slat with various drive options, the SE series can be used with plants with up to 700tph output.

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