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Filler Silos

Portable & Relocatable

Available from CMI in 500 BBL (57m3), 700 BBL (79m3) and 900 BBL (102m3) capacities these silos are highly configurable with all the necessary ancillary equipment.


  • Constructed of one-piece rolled steel also including a 50 ft3 (1.42m3) weigh pod mounted on three load cells.
  • 8 inch (203mm) pneumatically actuated valve.
  • Silo cone and pod inspection doors.
  • Caged ladder, hand, knee and toe kick rails.
  • Bin indicators for high/low levels.
  • Cone aeration piping.
  • 4 inch (102mm) fill line with quick disconnect coupling.
  • Flanged outlet for optional vent provision. Vacuum and pressure relief.

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Mineral Silos Portable Self Erecting Brochure