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feed conveyor
agg feed conveyors2

Aggregate Feed Conveyors

Portable & Relocatable

Portable (axle mounted) or relocatable (skid mounted) aggregate feed conveyors are available in a variety of configurations.

For feeding either virgin or recycled asphalt product to the drum mixer. The conveyor has a shaft mounted reducer with a backstop to prevent rollback, multi-ply rated belt, lagged head pulley, self-cleaning tail pulley, and material receiving hopper. Gravity take-up is furnished to assure constant belt tension and wind shields are provided to prevent weighing errors caused by wind.



The portable unit is truss frame construction and equipped with a single axle, single tires, kingpin and transportation package.

Belt widths are 24in (610mm) for virgin aggregate and 30 in (762mm) for RAP and lengths from 47 ft (14.33m) to 62 ft (19m).


The relocatable unit is manufactured of 12in (305mm) deep heavy construction beams, with supports at intermediate points to flange steel support skid assembly.

Belt width is 30in (762mm) and length is 60ft (18.29m)

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