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Impulse III

Impulse III is the latest release from the family of successful CMI Impulse asphalt plant control systems. Built on the extensive experience gained from past Impulse systems, it uses state of the art hardware to provide a long term upgrade path.

Using the latest Rockwell software platform and Compact Logix PLC, Impulse III has been developed with the operator and management in mind, keeping it user friendly yet offering extensive production and operational data.

Impulse III uses two high definition wide screen displays to allow the plant operation to be monitored on one display and all data including recipes, materials loading, fuel and energy usage, alarm and materials logging etc., to be monitored and accessed on the second display.

The second display allows asphalt production to continue to be monitored whilst recipes or any logged data is accessed independently of production.

All data can be exported as Excel files for viewing or storing on other PC’s. Hint balloons are displayed by floating the mouse over text and a full help library is available upon clicking on “?” icons. Access to the materials logging database is accessible via the customer’s network as is remote dialup via a second network interface to either monitor plant operation or for full diagnostic support.

  • Industry standard Rockwell hardware and software for future proof operation
  • Open database to allow full integration with customers own business systems
  • Daily customer definable report generation
  • AC tank & lime silo content levels calculated by load in/load out measurement
  • Fully compatible with customers preferred truck loading system


  • Automatic proportioning of all mix materials
  • Automatic sequencing of mix startup and shutdown
  • Motor start/stop
  • Safety interlocks
  • Automatic burner control
  • Automatic baghouse cleaning and airflow control
  • Automatically change mixes “on the fly”
  • Reduces waste at startup and shutdown
  • “Hot Start” and “Hot Stop” functions
  • Automatic digitally controlled fuel-to-air ratios
  • PLC I/O status on screen
  • Verbally announced alarms
  • Remote access by CMI to allow problems to be diagnosed remotely


Extensive data logging and use of all materials
Production data available over customers network or email daily via second Ethernet port
Detailed bar graphs for production deviation/compliance reports
Full alarm logging to help reduce plant downtime

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