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AC Tanks

Horizontal & Vertical

With vertical tanks in two capacities of 23,690 gal (89,675L) and 29,816 gal (112,863L) and a wide range of horizontal tanks, CMI offers your operation the right size for a range of needs.

CMI tanks feature high density mineral wool insulation clad by aluminum jacketing to retain heat and maintain appearance even after years of use.

Horizontal tanks feature self-store blocking assemblies to eliminate the need for screw jacks and haul timbers from site to site. Blocking assemblies consist of crank-type landing jacks and steel beam cribbing.

All portable models include a 420 gal (1,590L) internal fuel tank that is integrally designed into the trailer gooseneck. The entire area on top of the gooseneck is available to mount hot-oil heater pumps or other accessories.

Each CMI portable AC tank comes complete with an axle arrangement and lighting packages compliant with most national regulations.



CTH Series tanks are of a unitized design for quick set-up, ease of servicing and greater reliability with heavy-duty channel steel frame for superior structural support and high-density glass fiber insulation for efficient heat retention.

The AC pump package can be located at the front or rear of the tank for on-site versatility.

Self-store blocking on portable units eliminates need for timber blocking and reduces set-up time. Capacities from 20,000 to 35,000gal (75,700 to 113,562L) available.


The simple, economical design of the CTV Series AC Tanks includes a rust-free aluminium jacket with high-density mineral wool insulation.

Their Internal heating hot-oil coils include an adjustable temperature control with hot-oil solenoid valve to control temperature of the liquid asphalt by controlling flow of the hot oil in the coils and are available in 23,690 to 29,816gal (89,675 to 112,863L) capacities.


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