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Asphalt Ancillaries

CMI Roadbuilding offers a wide range of ancillary equipment to enhance the performance, profitability and flexibility of all makes of asphalt plants.

We can provide a complete range of services, from plant audits to installation and controls system upgrades that support additions to the plant

AC Tanks

ac tanks

With vertical tanks in two capacities of 23,690 gal (89,675L) and 29,816 gal (112,863L) and a wide range of horizontal tanks, CMI offers your operation the right size for range of needs.

Aggregate Feed Bins

aggregate feed bins

CMI Roadbuilding has a complete range of portable, relocatable and stationary aggregate feed bins, all designed for the accurate and free flowing delivery of a variety of materials.

Aggregate Feed Conveyors

aggregate feed conveyors

Portable (axle mounted) or relocatable (skid mounted) aggregate feed conveyors are available in a variety of configurations.

Control Systems

The Impulse III asphalt plant control system uses programmable logic controller (PLC) technology and Windows-based operator interface software to precisely control asphalt plant operations.

Drum Upgrades & Retrofits

CMI can supply its entire range of CR, Venturi-Mixer, Magnum and E3 Series drums as upgrades or retrofits to existing plants.

Dust Handling Systems

dust handling

EPA emission standard compliant baghouses available in a multitude of configurations complete with dust handling, measuring, conveying and storage systems employing technologies to precisely control fine material to achieve the most stringent mix designs.

Filler Silos

Available from CMI in 500 BBL (57m3), 700 BBL (79m3) and 900 BBL (102m3) capacities these silos are highly configurable with all the necessary ancillary equipment.

Hot Mix Storage

hot mix storage

We offer an extensive range of portable and stationary hot mix storage solutions with proven anti-segregation features. With a variety of options for heating, gate style and sealing, drag slat, silo top slat and batcher configurations, these systems can store hundreds of tons of material of many different mix designs.

Lime Additive Systems

Whether your operation utilizes the Dry Injection, Dry-on-Damp or Slurry method, CMI lime additive systems and precise material control will optimize the benefits of lime to your asphalt mixtures.

Recycle Bins

recycle bins

CMI offers a complete range of portable, relocatable and stationary recycle (RAP) feed bins including options for sizers, breakers and air cannon to handle the most difficult materials.

Self Erecting Storage Silos

self erecting storage silo

Highly portable units which includes complete running gear and all operating equipment, a complete system that replaces multiple loads and expensive footings.

Warm Mix

Patented and field-proven, CMI's Warm Mix Asphalt technology lowers mix temperatures, reduces emissions, improves mix flexibility and saves you money.


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