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Asphalt Plants


Since Iowa Manufacturer Company began building Asphalt Plants in Iowa in 1929, the CMI Roadbuilding brands have been leaders in Asphalt Plant technology.

The combined product portfolios and knowledge base of Simplicity Systems, Chattanooga Systems, Standard Havens®, Cedarapids® and CMI are now branded as CMI Roadbuilding and from the company headquarters in Oklahoma City, OK we offer a complete range of Asphalt Plants, ancillary equipment, parts and support to satisfy the most demanding customer requirements.

Counterflow Drum-Mixers

E3 RAP-STAR Series

The E3 line of continuous counterflow drum-mixers marks the newest technology in drum design, combining high productivity and high RAP percentage capabilities with simplicity and reliability.

Portable Range
E3-200P - up to 200tph
E3-300P - up to 300tph
E3-400P - up to 400tph
E3-500P - up to 500tph
Relocatable / Stationary Range
E3-200R/S - up to 200tph
E3-300R/S - up to 300tph
E3-400R/S - up to 400tph
E3-500R/S - up to 500tph
E3-600R/S - up to 600tph

Magnum Series

magnum range thumbnail

The original, high performance counterflow unitized drum-mixer, the Magnum series has set the standard for more than thirty years, in mix quality and durability still out of reach by other manufacturers.

Portable Range
150P - up to 150tph
250P - up to 250tph
300P - up to 300tph
400P - up to 400tph
500P - up to 500tph
Relocatable / Stationary Range
300R/S - up to 300tph
400R/S - up to 400tph
500R/S - up to 500tph
600R/S - up to 600tph

Parallel-flow Drum-Mixers


The CR Series drum-mixer is designed to provide high-quality hot mix asphalt for lower volume production situations where cost and simplicity are paramount considerations.

Unitized Range (Single Chassis)
CR-65P - up to 65tph
CR-125P - up to 125tph
CR-175P - up to 175tph

Venturi Series

The Venturi-Mixer Series of continuous parallel-flow drum-mixers combines high productivity and simplicity to produce high-quality mix with high reliability.

Portable Range
VM-225P - up to 225tph
VM-300P - up to 300tph
VM-400P - up to 400tph
VM-500P - up to 500tph
Relocatable / Stationary Range
VM-300S - up to 300tph
VM-400S - up to 400tph
VM-500S - up to 500tph
VM-600S - up to 600tph

Ancillary Equipment

Asphalt Ancillaries

asphalt ancillaries thumbnail

CMI Roadbuilding offers a wide range of ancillary equipment to enhance the performance, profitability and flexibility of all makes of asphalt plants.

AC Tanks
Aggregate Feed Bins
Aggregate Feed Conveyors
Control Systems
Drum Upgrades & Retrofits
Dust Handling Systems
Filler Silos
Hot Mix Storage
Lime Additive Systems
Recycle Bins
Self Erecting Storage Silos
Warm Mix


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